Please remember that this initiative is for the accumulation of the Seven Line Prayer, not for the Vajra Guru Mantra. Of course, people are welcome to do Vajra Guru Mantra as well, but this accumulation request is only for the Seven Liner Prayer.


Message from Rinpoche on Seven-Line Prayer recitations:  3 November, 2015

Although individuals can always chant – and I am sure there are very many people chanting and praying to Guru Rinpoche individually – it is sometimes much more effective to do this as a group.

Just like trying to lift a big mountain or something very heavy, many people coming together to pray and joining hands in a group effort can achieve wonderful things through teamwork.

That’s why we have the concepts of Operation Skull Garland and Operation Following in Your Footsteps.


Message from Rinpoche for those chanting Seven-Line Prayers:   2 November, 2015

I request that people should chant and count as accurately as possible.

When I say “accurate”, I am not talking particularly about pronunciation or speed. Of course the main thing is always guru devotion and one-pointed trust in Guru Rinpoche. But here I am talking about clicking the mala.

Especially so-called older practitioners often have a habit of clicking and counting the rosary very fast. So for instance, in one Seven-Line Prayer, they may habitually click the mala about seven times.

That is not only a misdeed, but adding their wrong count to the group total may cause others to think they don’t need to chant. So please count very accurately.